Grant Recipient Publicity Guide

This project is made possible through a grant from the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board
(USHRAB) and National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC).

Additionally, please use both the USHRAB and NHPRC logos on all materials, printed and electronic. Do not alter the logo in any way. Using the color logo is preferred but if color printing is cost-prohibitive, a black and white logo is available. The logo should be at least as large as all other logos used on the materials. Files are available for download here in JPEG and PNG format.

Contacting Media
Local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television stations are interested in your project, so please share your news with them! Contact your local media with stories and photos, to promote events and exhibits, and celebrate your project successes. Include credit language with any media, including in press releases, PSAs, community calendar submissions and anything else shared publicly.

If you plan on hosting any events related to your grant-funded project, advertise them using Public Service Announcements (PSAs), often broadcast for free by local radio stations (contact your local station to find out details on length and other requirements), and share them with as many events calendars as possible.

If you need help, please reach out to Lauren Singer Katz, Outreach and Advocacy Manager at the Utah State Archives,

Websites and Social Media
The USHRAB is administered by the Utah State Archives. Find and like us on social media at:
Facebook (
Twitter (
Instagram (

Our grant program is made possible by federal funding from the NHPRC, a commission at the National Archives. The NHPRC can be found on social media at:
Facebook (
Twitter (

Please tag us (and the NHPRC) in anything that you share! Our @ names and USHRAB-specific hashtags are:
@utaharchives (except on Facebook which is @utahstatearchives)

We recommend including photos in all social media posts. Photos increase the chances of your posts being picked up by the social media algorithms and noticed by users. We at the State Archives will definitely repost anything you share related to USHRAB!

Contacting Your Legislators
We encourage you to communicate with your state and federal representatives. When they hear from you, their constituents, and about the projects you’re working on supported by initiatives they choose to fund, they can better understand the importance of their decisions and their funding choices. A letter template has been provided with these guidelines; feel free to use it or to write your own. We encourage you to use letterhead, if available. Letterhead looks professional and eye-catching, and avoids the look of a generic form letter. We also encourage you to send it via mail rather then email so that it avoids being dismissed as mass email.

Find contact information about your public officials here:

Sample Press Release

[Your Institutional Logo Here]

Contact: [Contact name, email, phone, title]

For Immediate Release

[YOUR ORG] Awarded Grant from Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB)

YOUR CITY (Date) – The Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board, administered by the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service, has announced [your institution] as a recipient
of its Spring/Fall 202X grant funding to preserve and provide access to Utah’s history.

[Your institution] was awarded [amount] to [briefly describe project].

The USHRAB’s grant program is funded by a State Board Programming Grant from the National
Historical Publications and Records Commission at the National Archives. The USHRAB assists
public and private non-profits, as well as non-Federal government entities throughout the State of
Utah in the preservation and use of historical records.

[Short blurb about your organization.]



(Address City, State, Zip)

Dear Senator/Representative ______,

This letter is to inform you that our organization, __________, received a generous grant of $_______ from the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board, our state’s advisory board to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission at the National Archives. This funding supports our efforts to (briefly describe your grant project).

(Briefly describe why this project is important to your organization and the people you serve. If you are writing after completing a grant project, include details about the number of records preserved or reformatted, improved accessibility of the records, positive press about your project, any
events/exhibits/presentations you conducted and how they were received, and future plans for the
records or for similar projects.)

We are grateful to our representatives who promote records preservation and access through support for the National Historical Publications and Records Commission and the National Archives. With financial support from these federal institutions, Utah’s State Historical Records Advisory Board helps local institutions like ours. You make it possible for us to preserve America’s history and promote understanding of our democracy and culture. Thank you!

(your name and title, name of your organization, contact information)