Terrace Utah, Population 0

Terrace Utah, Population 0

Utah’s desert sands have buried incredible stories – now it’s time to uncover what has been lost.

Hustling and bustling to starkly quiet, the life of one of Utah’s largest railroad towns of the 1870s-1890s remains part of the historical and archaeological record.

Archaeologists with the Utah State Historic Preservation Office and the Bureau of Land Management partnered with the Chinese Railroad Workers’ Descendants Association to complete two seasons of fieldwork at the town of Terrace, home to Utah’s third largest Chinatown in 1870. Though ravaged by time and vandals, the archaeological heritage of this site is rich and helping connect living peoples to this past experience. In honor of International Archaeology Day, this presentation will honor of the voices of those past residents of Terrace through the Chinese descendant community, archaeological discoveries, and work of numerous volunteers.

Event Speakers

Dr. Chris Merritt

Dr. Merritt is Utah State Historic Preservation Officer and an archaeologist. In addition to archaeology, his team also includes architectural historians, architect, and historic preservation specialists, bringing all the pieces together to promote preservation of our collective past. He earned a doctorate from the University of Montana, with a Masters’ of Science in Industrial Archaeology from Michigan Technological University. His research passions are on the Chinese contributions to the American West’s history, industrial heritage, and pretty much everything old. His off-hours are spent with my wife…but oftentimes still doing archaeology!

Representative Karen Kwan

Biography forthcoming.

Chairperson Margaret Yee

Margaret Yee is an energetic life force that has dedicated herself to serving the Asian community for over 55 years. She is the founder of CRWDA and has brought the Asian community together to celebrate their culture and heritage through various events, as well as, to gain recognition for their achievements (both historical and present). She has served on numerous boards and committees at the Federal and State level including being the Governor’s advisor for Asian Affairs for the State of Utah for the past nine years and also served at the community level. In addition to her extensive community involvement, Margaret Yee is a successful business woman, conducting business internationally, as well as co-owning the iconic Jade Café for 56 years and being the founder/partner of the first Gourmet Chinese Restaurant in the state of Utah.





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